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Welcome to my Ultimate Grammar for IELTS Course.

Master all the grammar you need to score 7+ in easy steps

Whatever your current level of grammar, this course will get you to the standard you need to score 7+ for grammar in your IELTS exam. 

Learn step-by-step in 49 easy to follow lessons.

Choose to learn through ebooks or my video course.

Option 1: Ebooks

49 Lessons in 3 Ebooks

$9.99 each

$23.97 for the set of 3  SAVE 20%

Option 2: Video Course

49 Video Lessons

+ PDF downloads


Course Details

Grammar counts for 25% of the total marks in the Writing and Speaking tests. Poor grammar can seriously affect fluency and coherence which contribute another 25% to your score. So, it’s vital that you:

  • Understand a wide range of grammar structures
  • Learn how to use them
  • Know which grammar structures to use in given situations

In the 49 lessons of the course, we’ll work through everything from grammar basics to the advanced structures that will really impress the examiner and gain you the extra marks needed to score 7 and above.

Every single lesson will equip you with essential knowledge and skills and provide opportunities to practice them. The many practice activities will reinforce your learning and help you to retain the information.

The basis of all my teaching is “Show, don’t tell”. By this, I mean that I never just explain something. My proven method is to:

  • Show you step-by-step
  • Give multiple examples
  • Provide activities to practice the skills
  • Show you model answers

I also demonstrate how to use many of the grammar structures to answer specific types of IELTS questions with lots of examples.

Avoiding mistakes

Even high-level students let themselves down with very basic errors so we’ll also learn how to avoid the common mistakes that cost so many candidates the score they want.

And, we’ll discover exactly what the examiner is looking for in your answers and how to give it to them.

How you will learn

I understand that people learn in different ways and I want to ensure that I meet your needs. This is why you have the option of learning grammar for IELTS through ebooks or a video course. 

The curriculum is the same. You can see it below.

The ebooks give the added option of purchasing just one or two parts of the course if these are all you need, although there's a 20% discount for buying all three to make them extra affordable.

Comprehensive curriculum

My Ultimate IELTS Grammar Course covers every aspect of grammar required for your exam. Whether you’re new to IELTS or have been working towards your ideal score for a while, it will bring you the success you desire.

You work through the course at your own pace with step-by-step guidance all the way.

Grammar For IELTS Ebooks

Check out the lessons contained in each ebook.

Grammar For IELTS – Ebook 1




$23.97 for the set of 3 ebooks  SAVE 20%


Lesson 1:  Introduction

Lesson 2:  Simple & Complex Sentences

Lesson 3:  Present Simple – positive

Lesson 4:  Present Simple – negative

Lesson 5:  Present Simple – question

Lesson 6:  Present Continuous

Lesson 7:  Past Simple – positive

Lesson 8:  Past Simple – negative & questions

Lesson 9:  Past continuous – positive

Lesson 10: Past continuous – negative & questions 

Lesson 11: Present Perfect Simple

Lesson 12: Present Perfect Continuous

Lesson 13: Past Perfect Simple

Lesson 14: Past Perfect Continuous

Lesson 15: Present Simple & Continuous 

Lesson 16: Future Simple

Lesson 17: Future Continuous

Lesson 18: Future Perfect Simple & Continuous

Common Irregular Verbs

Common State Verbs


Grammar For IELTS – Ebook 2




$23.97 for the set of 3 ebooks  SAVE 20%


Lesson 19: Nouns – Countable & Uncountable

Lesson 20: Compound Nouns

Lesson 21: Articles

Lesson 22: Determiners 1 – Qualifiers

Lesson 23: Determiners 2 – Possessives & Demonstratives   

Lesson 24: Pronouns

Lesson 25: Prepositions 1 – Time

Lesson 26: Prepositions 2 – Position

Lesson 27: Prepositions 3 – Movement & Direction 

Lesson 28: Prepositions 4 – Noun-Verb-Adjective Collocations

Lesson 29: Adjectives 1

Lesson 30: Adjectives 2

Lesson 31: Adverbs 1

Lesson 32: Adverbs 2

Lesson 33: Comparatives & Superlatives

Common Irregular Verbs

Common State Verbs

** Download a free sample lesson here: Lesson 22: Determiners 1 – Qualifiers


Grammar For IELTS – Ebook 3




$23.97 for the set of 3 ebooks  SAVE 20%


Lesson 34: Modal Verbs 1

Lesson 35: Modal Verbs 2

Lesson 36: Modal Verbs 3

Lesson 37: Subject-Verb Agreement 1

Lesson 38: Subject-Verb Agreement 2

Lesson 39: Verb Patterns 1 - Transitive & Intransitive Verbs

Lesson 40: Verb Patterns 2 – to-infinitive or -ing

Lesson 41: Conditionals 1 – Zero, 1st & 2nd

Lesson 42: Conditionals 1 – 3rd & Mixed 

Lesson 43: Relative clauses

Lesson 44: Linking ideas 1

Lesson 45: Linking ideas 2

Lesson 46: The Passive

Lesson 47: Reported Speech

Lesson 48: Punctuation

Lesson 49: Phrasal verbs

Common Irregular Verbs

Common State Verbs

** Download a free sample lesson here: Lesson 34: Modal Verbs 1


Grammar For IELTS Video Course

My grammar for IELTS video course covers the same curriculum as in the ebooks. It includes:

  • Video lessons
  • PDF of each lesson
  • Lists of Common Irregular & State Verbs

The PDFs are ideal for revision or to quickly find information you want to go over again. Many students use them to do the practice activities.

Click the link to see the full curriculum and join the course.

The Ultimate IELTS Grammar Video Course


NO RISK 30 day money back guarantee.

Not sure if my Ultimate IELTS Grammar Course is right for you?

With my 30 day money back guarantee on both the ebooks and my video course, you can try out the course RISK FREE. If you don’t find it helpful, let me know via my Contact page and I will refund your money.

Your success

Whether you choose to study grammar for IELTS through my ebooks or videos, by the end of the course you will:

  • Have mastered all the essential grammar you need for IELTS
  • Be able to use it confidently to answer all question types
  • Be well prepared to score 7+ for grammar
  • Have improved your score for other marking criteria

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be celebrating success in your exam.

Come and join me in the course so that we can work together to get you the IELTS score you deserve.

My IELTS for Grammar Course is your route to the 7+ band score you need.

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