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This page is your gateway to high-scoring success in the IELTS Speaking test.

Here you’ll find all the IELTS Speaking resources I’ve created for you both on the website and other platforms. They’re brought together in one place to make it easy for you to find them.

They include:

  • Information
  • Tips
  • Advice
  • Techniques
  • Sample Questions & Answers
  • Topics & Topic Vocabulary

Some people learn best by reading, others by listening, so most of my teaching has a dedicated web page and related videos. Above all though,

'We Learn Through Practice'.

So, use them all and Practice, Practice, Practice.

To help you do that, I’ve included hundreds of IELTS-style practice questions and lots of sample answers on many of the pages. 

Also, get my FREE Download of 30 full mock tests (30 practice cards on 30 topics – 330 questions altogether).

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IELTS Speaking Lessons

IELTS Speaking Test
The Format

Know the format & understand what you’ll be assessed on. Discover the main reason for low scores & how to avoid this big mistake. Your success starts here.  More...

Lesson 3:
Part 2 Planning Method 1

Learn the ‘question prompt’ method of planning your talk & how to make the best use of your 1 minute preparation time. Full planning notes & model talk. More...

Lesson 6: How To Begin Your
Part 2 Talk

7 easy ways to begin your talk. Also learn quick and simple ways to improve your opening sentences for extra marks. Lots of examples to show you how. More...

Lesson 1:
Speaking Part 1

Learn 7 simple methods for developing Part 1 answers. Lots of model questions & answers. Discover the most common topics & find out what happens in the pre-test introduction. More...

Lesson 4:
Part 2 Planning Method 2

Step-by-step guide to the ‘brainstorming’ method of planning for quick and easy creation of your 2 minute talk. Full planning notes & model talk. More...

Lesson 7:
Speaking Part 3

6 common types of questions & how to answer them & key mistakes to avoid. Practice questions with model answers to help you get the score you need. More...

Lesson 2:
Speaking Part 2

Discover 5 common reasons why people get a low score in Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking Test and how to avoid them. Explore the Part 2 format and get familiar with the cue card. More...

Lesson 5:
Part 2 Planning Method 3

Using the ‘5 senses’ is another great way to plan your Part 2 talk. Learn how & discover the importance of storytelling. Full planning notes & model talk. More...

Lesson 8:
IELTS Speaking Practice

Massively improve your speaking skills by learning how to think in English. This technique is one of the most valuable you can learn. More...

Other Important Pages

Speaking Topics

Discover the 40 most common subject areas for the Speaking Test. More...

Speaking Tips

9 top tips to increase your chances of getting a high score. More...

Practice Questions

 Download 30 full mock tests (30 practice cards on 30 topics). More...

IELTS Speaking Practice Questions

Click the link below to download a PDF of 30 Free IELTS Speaking Practice Cards on 30 different topics.

** Download Your 30 Free IELTS Speaking Practice Cards Now **

IELTS Speaking Ebook

All the main lessons in an easily accessible, downloadable ebook.

Full details…

IELTS Speaking Course

21 Modules

Achieve 7+ for IELTS Speaking with my step-by-step lessons.

Lots of practice activities & model answers.

Full details...

IELTS Speaking Videos

You'll find videos of all these IELTS speaking lessons on this page: IELTS Speaking Videos

You may find this introduction video a good place to start.

The IELTS Speaking Test


Topic Vocabulary

There are many common topics that come up regularly in the IELTS Speaking test. You can’t know what you’ll get in your test but it’s still a good idea to learn vocabulary related to popular subjects.

To save you time, I’ve created word lists to make it quick and easy for you to practice using the vocabulary, which will also help you to learn it. Each topic list contains IELTS-style practice Speaking questions with model answers.

Here is the current list of topics. I’ll add more as I create them. Just click the image to go straight to that topic page.


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