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With the right IELTS resources, you can speed up the rate at which you learn English and increase your chances of achieving the exam score you need.

There are three things you need to be doing to prepare for your test, ideally every single day:

  • Reading English
  • Listening to English
  • Speaking English

These are in addition to your general language lessons, whether these are class-based, one-to-one with a teacher or through online courses and websites.

Basically, you should immerse yourself in English. It’s easy to do with the IELTS resources I’m going to recommend.

Try to make English a part of your everyday life as well as setting aside those important chunks of dedicated study time. The first part of this page is an IELTS resources list to help you do just that.

The great thing is, all these resources are online and they’re free.

The internet is full of excellent resources.

The internet is an amazing tool for sourcing information on any subject you can possibly imagine and invaluable for your IELTS preparation. The problem is knowing where to start, and being able to tell the difference between a good source of information and a bad one.

It’s challenging enough finding good English material if you’re a native speaker, even more so if you’re an English language learner.

My aim is to take that problem away from you and give you a resource bank you can rely on and from which you can quickly find the best material to help you prepare for the different parts of the IELTS exam.

You should be able to find most of what you need on just a few key websites. These are where I recommend you look for IELTS resources for reading and for listening to. They’ll provide you with more quality articles, videos and podcasts than you’ll ever need.

You’ll find resources on every one of the 40+ subjects (and their many sub-categories) listed on the IELTS Speaking Topics page but mix this material up with some light entertainment and comedy. You’ll learn lots from this too and it will particularly help you develop your speaking skills. 

Here are the websites.

IELTS Resources - Article, Podcasts & Videos  


BBC News – also has some audio material & videos.

  • UK
  • World
  • Business
  • Politics
  • Technology

  • Science
  • Health
  • Family & Education
  • Entertainment & Arts
  • Sport

The Conversation


  • The Conversation
  • Arts & Culture
  • Business & Economy
  • Education

  • Environment & Energy
  • Health & Medicine
  • Politics & Society
  • Science & Technology

New Scientist

  • News
  • Technology
  • Space
  • Physics

  • Health
  • Environment
  • The Mind

National Geographic

  • Animals
  • Culture & History
  • Environment

  • Exploration & Adventure
  • Science & Innovation
  • Travel

Science Focus – also has podcasts.


  • Future Technology
  • Nature
  • Space

  • The Human Body
  • Everyday Science
  • Planet Earth

British Council Business Magazine

Business & Work

The Economist


  • Topical Stories from Around the World
  • World Politics
  • Business

  • Finance & Economics
  • Science & Technology
  • Books & Art


Podcasts are another excellent way to get listening practice, learn about different topics and develop your vocabulary.

Podcast will help you improve both your listening & speaking skills.

There are several good platforms on which you’ll find useful podcasts covering a wide range of subjects but the two I particularly recommend are Stitcher and the BBC.

Stitcher – You’ll find lots of shows to choose from in each category.


  • Comedy
  • Business & Industry
  • News & Politics
  • Society & Culture
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Games & Hobbies
  • Lifestyle & Health

  • Music Commentary
  • Parenting, Family & Kids
  • Science & Medicine
  • Spirituality & Religion
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • World & International

BBC Podcasts


  • Comedy
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Entertainment
  • Factual
  • History

  • Music
  • News
  • Performance & Events
  • Science & Nature
  • Sport

British Council podcasts about the world of business and work.


TED Talks

TED Talks are wonderful. They are short videos, some just a few minutes long, with a powerful message and are generally very interesting.

I won’t give you a category list as it would be far too long but you can find TED talks on almost any subject. Just type a topic into the search bar

What’s more, each video has a transcript so you can read the text as well as listening to the talk. This is ideal if you want to check out a new word or study the structure of a particular sentence in more detail.

You can also watch TED Talks on YouTube.

TED Talk Topics – this link will take you straight to the menu page with hundreds of subjects listed.

TED Talks – Find the latest videos here.

TED Ed  Educational videos with multiple choice and open-ended questions included on the page (click ‘Think’ in the menu). Ideal for practicing listening skills.


YouTube is, of course, one of the best IELTS resources to help you prepare for the Speaking and Listening tests. From serious topics to light entertainment and fun, it’s all there, so make good use of it.

YouTube – millions of videos to choose from.

Listening Resources

Online Radio

BBC Radio – listen to live radio or recordings and everything from light entertainment, interviews and news to serious drama.

Audio Recordings

BBC - 6 Minute English – intermediate level recordings for listening practice.

British Council - Listening Practice – listening practice from beginner level (A1) to advance (C1).

So that’s all your IELTS resources for reading and listening sorted. At the top of the page, I also mentioned how important it is to speak English on a daily basis. For some easy ways to do this, visit this page:

IELTS Speaking Practice

Other IELTS Resources

Official IELTS Websites

The official IELTS websites are full of useful information about the IELTS exam including the location of test centres, how to book your test, guidance on band score requirements for different industries and universities, and loads more. You should definitely visit them.

They also have a selection of genuine practice tests. The links below will take you to the practice test page of each website. From there you can explore further. – Sample test questions

British Council – Free practice tests

IDP – Free IELTS tests

IELTS Resources on this Website

IELTS Jacky is one large resource base created to support you as you prepare for your exam, as you've probably already discovered. However, there are a couple of specific things I'd particularly like to point you towards.

Two very important things you’ll need to focus on in your preparation are:

  • Developing your vocabulary
  • Practising answering IELTS-style questions

To help you with these, I’ve created topic vocabulary pages for many of the most common question topics. These pages include IELTS-style practice questions and sample answers. You’ll find a full menu on this page – IELTS Vocabulary – and in various other locations around the website.

At the bottom of each of the topic vocabulary pages, I include links to relevant IELTS resources for that topic.

Creating these pages is an ongoing process with more being added on a monthly basis.

What other IELTS resources would you find useful? Tell me via my Contact page and I’ll research them for you and add them to this page.

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