IELTS Videos

This page is an index to all my IELTS videos. 

Many students learn best by watching and listening rather than just reading text, so I've created videos of most of the lessons on this website to give you the option.

Each video is also included on its respective page and they are all on my YouTube channel IELTS Jacky. This gives you several different ways to access them.

IELTS Writing Videos

Start here for an introduction to the Writing test.

Find videos of all my writing lessons here:

IELTS Writing Videos

This section of IELTS videos includes:

Task 1 (Academic)

  • How to understand & analyse Task 1 questions
  • How to plan a Task 1 essay
  • Vocabulary & grammar for Task 1 essays
  • Lessons on the 7 Task 1 essay types

Task 1 (General)

  • Letter format & structure
  • How to plan a letter
  • Letter writing vocabulary
  • How to write formal & informal letters
  • Lessons on the 7 letter types

Task 2 – Academic & General

  • How to understand & analyse task 2 questions
  • How to plan a Task 2 essay
  • How to write introductions, main paragraphs & conclusions
  • Lessons on the 5 essay types

See them all here: IELTS Writing Videos

IELTS Speaking Videos

Start here for an introduction to the Writing test.

Find videos of all my speaking lessons here:

IELTS Speaking Videos

This section of IELTS videos includes:

Speaking Part 1

  • 7 Ways to develop answers
  • 6 Common mistakes & how to Avoid them
  • How to paraphrase questions

Speaking Part 3

  • 6 Common types of questions
  • Vital information & mistakes to avoid

Speaking Part 2

  • Learn the format of Part 2.
  • Become familiar with the cue card.
  • Find out how to develop your 2 minute talk.
  • Learn 3 different planning strategies.
  • Discover 5 common mistakes & how to avoid them.

See them all here: IELTS Speaking Videos

IELTS Reading Videos

Start here for an introduction to the Reading test.

Find videos of all my reading lessons here:

IELTS Reading Videos

This section of IELTS videos includes:

  • Format of the test 
  • Marking system & assessment

  • Key reading skills
  • 7 top tips

Also, lessons on the 12 question types:

1.  Matching Headings

2.  Multiple Choice

3.  Short Answer

4.  Name Matching

5.  True, False, Not Given

6.  Diagram Labelling

7.  Summary Completion

8.  Matching Sentence Endings

9.  Yes, No, Not Given

10.  Sentence Completion

11.  Table Completion

12.  Matching Information to Paragraphs

See them all here: IELTS Reading Videos

IELTS Listening Videos

Start here for an introduction to the Listening test.

Find videos of all my listening lessons here:

IELTS Listening Videos

This section of IELTS videos includes:

  • The top 3 listening strategies
  • 4 essential listening skills
  • 10 Top tips
  • 6 ways to improve your listening skills
  • The 10 types of listening questions

Also, lessons on the 10 question types:

1.  Matching

2.  Multiple Choice

3.  Note completion

4.  Form completion

5.  Table completion

6.  Sentence completion

7.  Summary Completion

8.  Short answer questions

9.  Map & plan labelling

10.  Diagram & flowchart completion

See them all here: IELTS Listening Videos

IELTS Videos on Vocabulary

Your ability to use a wide range of vocabulary and to use it correctly counts for 25% of the marks for the IELTS exam, so understanding what vocabulary to learn and how to learn it is essential.

The information in these videos will ensure that you to get good marks for vocabulary.

How To Learn Vocabulary For IELTS

The 7 best ways to learn vocabulary for IELTS

The big mistake & how to avoid it

How to record new vocabulary

6 Key Types of Vocabulary

The 6 most important types of vocabulary

What to learn and why

Links to topic vocabulary

Vocabulary For Task 1 Essays

Adjectives & adverbs

Verbs & nouns


Percentages, proportions & approximations

Letter Writing Vocabulary

The greeting

The signoff

Useful phrases

Topic vocabulary

Listening Test

 6 Types of Problem Vocabulary

Listening Test

Map & Plan Vocabulary


Start here for an introduction to the IELTS exam.

Find all my videos about the exam here:

IELTS Exam Videos

This section of IELTS videos includes:

  • Which IELTS? Academic or General
  • The IELTS test format – What you need to know
  • IELTS information – 15 Common questions about the exam
  • Understand the IELTS band score system
  • Not got the IELTS score you need? Learn about retakes & remarking

See them all here: IELTS Exam Videos

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