IELTS Listening Videos

On this page, you’ll find all my IELTS Listening videos. Most of them are videos of the lessons on the website and can be also be found on the related pages.

Here, however, I have brought them together in one place to make it easy for you to find what you need quickly.

Many students prefer to learn by hearing rather than reading and with these video lessons you have that option. I want to help you prepare for your IELTS exam in the way that suits you best so I hope you find them helpful.

Essential Information & Key Skills

I recommend that you start with these three lessons. They will ensure that you understand the Listening test and learn the key skills needed to get a high score.

1) All the essential information you need to know.

2) The top 3 listening strategies to learn for a high score.

3) The key listening skills & how to use them.

Video 1


  • The format of the test
  • Question types

  • Skills assessed

  • Marking tips

Video 2

This lesson will teach you 3 important listening strategies.

They are:

1) Question analysis

2) Answer prediction

3) Keyword clues

Video 3

There are 4 key IELTS listening skills that you need to master to score highly in the test.

You'll learn them all in this lesson. They are:

  • Prediction
  • Recognising synonyms & paraphrasing
  • Recognising distractors
  • Understanding connected speech

Top Tips & How To Improve Your Skills

Next, study these lessons to learn some important tips and discover the best ways to improve your listening skills.

4) 10 essential listening tips for exam success.

5) 6 simple strategies to improve your listening skills.

Video 4

Follow these 10 top tips and discover some common mistakes to avoid.

Video 5

Each of these 6 strategies is essential for achieving a high score in the test. The lesson includes lots of key resources for you to use.


The 10 Types of IELTS Listening Questions

There are 10 different types of Listening questions. They are designed to test a wide range of listening skills. You won’t get them all in your test but expect 4 or 5 types of question from this list. 

1.  Matching

2.  Multiple Choice

3.  Note completion

4.  Form completion

5.  Table completion

6.  Sentence completion

7.  Summary Completion

8.  Short answer questions

9.  Map & plan labelling

10.  Diagram & flowchart completion

See examples of all 10 types of Listening questions from past papers in this lesson: 


Learn how to recognise & understand the 10 question types.

This next set of video lessons gives you a step-by-step strategy for answering each question type. The lessons contain many examples and practice tests.


Multiple Choice

Note Completion

Form Completion

Table Completion

Sentence Completion

Summary Completion

Short Answer Questions

Map & Plan Labelling

Diagram & Flowchart Completion

Listening Vocabulary

These IELTS Listening videos will teach you some important vocabulary you need for your test.

Listening exercises

Map & plan vocabulary

Listening exercises – 8 listening exercises to help you recognise & learn vocabulary for 6 common listening topics:

  • time
  • numbers
  • prices
  • dates
  • letter names
  • address

Map & plan vocabulary – Learn the key vocabulary you need for map & plan questions.

Includes 5 maps & plans with sample sentences containing common vocabulary of location & direction.

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