IELTS Listening

On this page, you’ll find links to all my IELTS Listening lessons. I’ve brought them together in one place so that you can find what you need easily. They include:

  • Information
  • Tips
  • Advice
  • Key Skills
  • Strategies & Techniques

Everything has been created to save you time as you prepare for your IELTS Listening test.

IELTS Listening Test    Information & Lessons

IELTS Listening Test

Essential information including the format of the test, what skills are assessed & marking tips. More...

Listening Strategies

Learn 3 essential listening strategies – question analysis, answer prediction & how to use keyword clues. More...

Listening Skills

Learn the 4 key listening skills needed for a high score. Examples from real questions. More...

Listening Exercises

 8 listening exercises on 6 common topics – time, numbers, prices, dates, letter names & addresses. More...

Question Types

Examples of all 10 types of Listening questions. Learn how to recognise & understand them. More...

4 Listening Practice Techniques

4 practice techniques to develop your listening skills. + Best practice recordings. More...

Listening Tips

Top 10 tips for success. Essential information you need to know to achieve a high score. More...

Map & Plan Vocabulary

5 maps & plans with sample sentences containing common vocabulary of location & direction. More...

How to Improve at Listening

Learn 6 essential strategies for improving your listening skills in preparation for your test. More...

The 10 Question Types

Lessons on how to answer each type of Listening question. Each lesson includes:

  • Sample questions
  • Proven strategy
  • Practice question
  • Answers
  • Vocabulary

Practice Tests

* Practice Samples *

Short practice activities  improve your listening skills & learn topic vocabulary. More...

Genuine full practice tests in an easy to follow format with the recordings & questions on the same page and audio transcripts included. Use them as part of your listening practice.

IELTS Listening Ebook

All the main lessons in an easily accessible, downloadable ebook.

Full details…

IELTS Listening Videos

You'll find videos of all these IELTS listening lessons on this page: IELTS Listening Videos

These 3 videos are a good place to start.

All the essential information you need to know.

The top 3 listening strategies to learn for a high score.

The 4 key listening skills & how to use them.

On the listening videos menu page, you'll also find videos of the lessons on the 10 different types of Listening questions as well as all the other key listening lessons. 

And, don't miss the lessons on listening vocabulary. There are several types of vocabulary that are essential for you to know for the Listening test. You will struggle to get a high score unless you understand them and can use them correctly.

Here's the link to the IELTS Listening Videos page again.

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