IELTS Vocabulary

Free Lessons, Practice Activities & Topic Lists

This page contains links to all my IELTS Vocabulary lessons to help you quickly find what you need.

They include:

  • What vocabulary to learn
  • How to learn IELTS vocabulary
  • Key types of vocabulary
  • Practice activities
  • Topic vocabulary lists

Everything has been created to save you time as you prepare for your IELTS exam and to give you the skills and practice you need to achieve a high score.

IELTS Vocabulary Topic Packs

Each pack contains:

   1.  Word lists – with explanations & sample sentences

   2.  Speaking questions

   3.  Writing questions

   4.  Reading text & questions

   5.  Listening recording & questions

   6.  Vocabulary exercises

   7.  Answers

Learn vocabulary for common topics while also getting valuable practice answering the different types of IELTS questions.

Just $5 each

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IELTS Vocabulary Lessons

Key IELTS Vocabulary

The top 6 types of vocabulary you need to learn and why. More...

How To Learn Vocabulary

7 best ways to learn vocabulary & avoid the big mistake most people make. More...

Important Vocabulary for the Writing Test

Academic Task 1 Essays

Learn key vocabulary for a high-scoring essay. Word lists & a downloadable PDF. More...

Letter Writing Vocabulary

Learn useful phrases to help you achieve a high score. Also, know how to start & end your letter. More...

Important Vocabulary for the Listening Test

6 Types of Problem Vocabulary

Listening exercises to help you recognise & learn problem vocabulary. More...

Map & Plan Vocabulary

Learn essential vocabulary of location & direction. More...

Topic Vocabulary

How to use these topic vocabulary lists

These vocabulary lists are not intended for you to go away and try to memorise all the different words and phrases.  That's not what learning IELTS vocabulary is all about.

I have created them as a resource for you to use when answering practice questions on the respective topics.

Focus on the words and phrases you find most useful and most comfortable using. Add them to your vocabulary notebook and learn them properly, but don’t waste your time trying to memorise them all.

IELTS Vocabulary Videos

If you prefer to learn by watching and listening, you can study the main lessons by watching my vocabulary videos.

6 Key Types of Vocabulary

What to learn and why

Top 6 types of vocabulary

How To Learn Vocabulary For IELTS

7 best ways to learn vocabulary for IELTS

The big mistake & how to avoid it

How to record new vocabulary

Vocabulary For Task 1 Essays

Adjectives & adverbs

Verbs & nouns


Percentages, proportions & approximations

Letter Writing Vocabulary

The greeting

The signoff

Useful phrases

Topic vocabulary 

- Listening Test -

 6 Types of Problem Vocabulary

Time, Numbers, Prices

Dates, Letters, Addresses

- Listening Test -

Vocabulary of location 

Vocabulary of direction

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