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Important information for your IELTS success

I have some important information for you that could transform your IELTS exam score in a fairly short timescale. Please take a few minutes to read this page or watch the video.

I get requests for practice tests, assessments and feedback from many more students than I can ever hope to help on my own, so I’ve now teamed up with Preptical (formerly TakeIELTS), the world's leading provider of online IELTS mock tests.

This is one of the most important steps I’ve taken as an IELTS teacher because Preptical offer what, for many students, is the final missing piece that brings them the success they work so hard for.

Yes, you need to learn how the IELTS exam works and how to answer the different types of questions, which is why you follow my online lessons, but you also need to be able to test your progress.

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The Problem

One of the biggest problems facing students who come to me for help with their exam preparation is that they don’t know what mistakes they’re making. If you don’t know where you’re going wrong, it’s difficult to improve. This is where IELTS practice tests come in.


The Solution

Let me tell you why I believe the mock tests offered by Preptical are the best I can recommend for you.

1)  Their tests are developed by official IELTS examiners and internationally certified question writers, so they’re as close to the actual exam as possible. You can choose between Academic and General Training practice tests.

2) You’ll be assessed on all four skill areas, Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening, and it’s all done online making the process super simple. All tests are marked by certified IELTS examiners.

3)  After completing a mock test, you’ll get a detailed band score report. You’ll find out how you did in each part of the exam as well as receiving your overall score for the whole exam. In addition, for the Writing and Speaking tests, you’ll be told your sub-score for each marking criteria to help you see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

4)  You’ll also receive a detailed analytical report. This is invaluable.

You’ll get a separate feedback report for each of the four parts of the test. For the Listening and Reading tests, there will be a comment beside each of your mistakes telling you why your answer is incorrect and explaining the reasoning behind the correct answer.

Feedback for your Writing test will include the correction of grammar and vocabulary errors, suggestions on how to improve your writing skills and develop your ideas, and tips for increasing your score for each of the marking criteria.

Assessment of your Speaking test will highlight problems with your fluency, coherency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, and offer practical suggestions for improvement.

The report essentially provides you with a plan of what you need to work on to increase your score. You can then study the specific lessons you need on my website and focus on practicing the skills that most need improving.

5)  Another hugely valuable aspect of the test feedback is the model answers provided for each of the two tasks of the Writing test and all of the 16 questions in the Speaking test. You’ll learn so much from studying these high-scoring answers.

You get all this within 2 days of taking your IELTS practice test.

What’s more, you can take as many mock tests as you want to. Each one will be different. Preptical have some excellent money saving packages for booking multiple tests.

Prepare with IELTS practice tests

I hope you’ll seriously consider taking some of these mock tests as part of your preparation for your exam. I can’t emphasise enough how important they could be for your success.

I think it’s well summed up in this testimonial from the Preptical website which appears alongside many other student recommendations.

"For the first time, I understood what I was doing wrong and I could finally work on my weaknesses until I got 7.5 which I wanted."

As one of my students here at IELTS Jacky, I can offer you a 10% discount on all Preptical mock test packages.

Just click any of my links to their website for more details. To get your price reduction, use the code IELTSJacky at the checkout.

I know you’ll be delighted with the Preptical practice tests and, with their help, will soon achieve the band score you need.

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Affiliate link disclosure:

This page contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy IELTS practice tests from Preptical, I may earn a small commission which contributes to the running costs of this website. There is no additional cost to you.

Thank you for supporting IELTS Jacky and helping me to keep my lessons free for students.

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