The IELTS Exam

I am sure that you have lots of questions about the IELTS exam.

To make it easy for you to find the answers you want, I’ve created pages on different aspects of the test. Here’s a brief outline of what you’ll find on each page:

1) What Is IELTS?

IELTS is the most popular English language assessment test in the world. Each year it’s taken by over 5 million people wanting to work and study in, or migrate to, English speaking countries. It’s your ticket to an exciting future. Find out why.

2) Which IELTS?

Need help deciding which of the 3 versions of the IELTS exam – Academic, General Training or Life Skills – to take? Learn about each one and discover which is right for you to achieve your dreams.

3) IELTS Band Score

What is an IELTS band score? Find out how the exam is scored and what’s required for each grade or band. See easy to understand tables of examples and read detailed descriptions of the levels 1-9.

4) Your IELTS Score – FAQ’s

What if you don’t achieve the IELTS score you need? Find answers to your questions on IELTS band requirements, retaking the exam & how to get a re-mark of your test if you feel there’s been an error.

5) IELTS Exam Dates

Find exam dates at a test centre near you. Over 1,200 locations to choose from in 130+ countries with tests taking place up to once a week. Discover how to register and what to do if you need to change your test date or cancel it.

6) IELTS Test Format

Understand the format of both the Academic and General Training tests. Each has 4 parts – Writing, Listening, Reading, Speaking. Find out details of timing, structure, assessment criteria and the marking system. Invaluable help to prepare for your exam.

7) IELTS Information

A selection of the top most frequently asked questions that don’t fit into other topics covered in this section of the website, including lots of practical details on booking and taking your test.

Be well prepared for your exam so that you can give your best on the day.

IELTS Exam Videos

You'll find videos of all these IELTS exam lessons on this page: IELTS Exam Videos

You may find this video a good place to start.

Get The Band Scores You Want

Now that you know all about the IELTS exam itself, I’m going to show you how to get the high band score you want.

On the pages awaiting you via the links below, I tell you in detail what the examiner will be looking for in each part of the test.

You’ll also find lessons to help you learn the skills required to achieve top grades, and practice activities to ensure that your English improves day by day.

Just click the link to get started now…

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