IELTS Exam Dates
& How To Book Your Test

IELTS exam dates are fixed on a global timetable and you can take the test in over 1,200 locations in 140+ countries/territories around the world.

Dates are set by the IELTS joint governing body comprised of The British Council, IDP Australia and Cambridge Examinations and run with the following frequency:

  • IELTS Academic – 48 days per year
  • IELTS General Training – 24 days per year 

* Important *

Covid-19 restrictions will affect the dates available in some locations. It is essential to check with your chosen test centre as to what dates they are offering.

IELTS Exam Dates 2021

3 Important Points:

  • Although these IELTS exam dates are fixed, not every centre will offer all the dates. It will depend on local demand. It is thus important to check with your local test centre to be sure which dates they are offering.
  • As you can see on the timetable, the Academic test is run at every session but the General Training test, which is less popular, is not always available.
  • You will always take the Listening, Reading and Writing tests on the same day but the Speaking test will either be on the same day or seven days before or after your main exam day.

How To Register For IELTS

# 1 Find your nearest test centre

With over a thousand locations around the world to choose from, you should be able to find a test centre near you.

The exam is the same in all locations, as is the standard of marking, so just choose the test centre that is easiest for you to get to or that offers dates that suits you.

Follow this link to find your nearest test centre: IELTS Test Centres

# 2 Choose your test date

Find out the IELTS exam dates offered by your nearest centre. If they run limited dates and you can’t attend on these days, there may be another test centre not too far away that offers more convenient dates.

# 3 Register for your IELTS test

You can get an application form at any test centre or download an application form online. Test centres will help you to fill out the form if you need assistance or have any questions.

You can submit your application form and pay for your test either online or at your chosen test centre.

When you submit your application, you will need to show your ID. This would usually be a valid passport or national identity card. Check with your test centre as to what they require.

You will need to show the same ID when you take your exam. If you don’t have it with you, you won’t be allowed to sit the test.

# 4 Receive confirmation of your exam

Your application will now be processed and confirmation of the date and time of your test sent through the post to you. The centre will also let you know if your speaking test will take place on the same day as the main exam or seven days either before or after it.

Changing Your Test Date

Can IELTS exam dates be changed after booking?

Yes, both IELTS exam dates and test location can be changed after registration. There are some restrictions though. You cannot make changes within 14 days / two weeks of your test and there may be a restriction as to how far ahead you can book a new date.

You will also be charged a transfer fee. Your local test centre can tell you how much this will be.

Can I change the date of just my Speaking test?

Normally, you cannot change just the date of your Speaking test. You have to re-schedule the whole exam.

The exception is if you have a serious health problem that prevents you from attending on the day and have a medical certificate to prove it. You test centre can give you advice for this situation and will usually offer you a new date for your Speaking test without any transfer charge.

What happens if I need to postpone or cancel my test?

Tests postponed or cancelled more than 5 weeks before confirmed IELTS exam dates will be refunded the full fee minus an administration charge.

For tests postponed or cancelled less than 5 weeks before the confirmed date, the full fee will be charged unless a medical certificate is produced within 2 days of the test date. In this case, only an administration charge will be deducted.

Some test centres may require notification up to 5 days before the test day, so do check.

There are a few other exceptional circumstances that are acceptable for postponement or cancellation but you must be able to prove them. They are: 

  • Loss of a close family member
  • Trauma such as a road traffic accident or being the victim of a crime
  • Military service

Forms for applying to postpone or cancel your test will be available at your local test centre. They will also be able to tell you if you can download the forms online.

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