IELTS Topic Vocabulary

Resources to help you learn IELTS topic vocabulary.

With these specially designed topic packs, you will practice using the vocabulary by answering IELTS-style questions from all 4 parts of the IELTS exam – Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening.

So, you’ll learn the vocabulary effectively while also getting valuable practice answering the different types of IELTS questions.

This makes great use of your study time and is guaranteed to improve your results.

The Topic Packs

Set 1

  • The Environment
  • Technology
  • Music
  • Weather

Set 2

  • Education
  • Homes & Accommodation 
  • Family
  • Shopping

Set 3

  • Health
  • Sport 
  • Transportation
  • Buildings & Architecture

Each pack also includes extra vocabulary exercises to help you learn the meaning of specific words common to the topics and shows you how to use the words in context.

Here is a full content list for each set of IELTS topic vocabulary:

1.     Word lists – with explanations & sample sentences

2.     Speaking questions

3.     Writing questions

4.     Reading text & questions

5.     Listening recording & questions

6.     Vocabulary exercises

7.     Answers

You will find all the word lists in the vocabulary section of the website but I’ve also included them in each pack to make them easy to use as you work on the practice questions.

The Questions

All the questions have been carefully chosen to give you the opportunity to use as wide a range of the vocabulary for each topic as possible.

The Reading and Listening texts have been created by me with the same objective.

The questions for Reading and Listening are as close as I can get them to real IELTS questions, so will give you authentic practice at answering the type of questions you’ll get in your exam.

By the time you’ve completed the exercises in each topic pack, you should have a good knowledge and understanding of the vocabulary you’ll need to answer almost any question on that topic.

IELTS Topic Vocabulary Packs

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I really hope you find these IELTS vocabulary topic packs helpful.

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