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Use these Listening samples for skills practice and learning vocabulary

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On this page, you’ll find a list of short practice activities to help you prepare for the IELTS Listening test. Each includes a recording (audio or video), questions, answers and a transcript of the recording.

They are designed to give you focused practice on the specific listening skills you’ll need to achieve a high score and also, to learn topic vocabulary that might come up in your exam.

All the texts come from sources I recommend on my Resources page for your ongoing listening and reading practice.

Many activities will take just a few minutes, others a little longer but they will help to ensure that you are exposed to and use English every day, the number one way to improve your skills and attain a high band score in your test.

Fit these activities, and the similar Reading Practice Samples into your daily IELTS preparation schedule as a quick, easy way to get that daily listening practice in.

IELTS Listening Samples

Listening Sample 1 – The science of cotton

Listening Sample 2 – Why perfect grades don’t matter

Listening Sample 3 – The loathsome, lethal mosquito

Listening Sample 4 – Will there ever be a mile-high skyscraper?

Listening Sample 5 – The history of African-American social dance

Listening Sample 6 – Families - The generation gap

Listening Sample 7 – Greeting the world in peace

Listening Sample 8 – How cigarettes affect the body

Listening Sample 9 – How do oceans currents work?

Listening Sample 10 – How to make red lentil fritters

Listening Sample 11 – The life cycle of a plastic bottle

Listening Sample 12 – What does it mean to be a refugee?

Listening Sample 13 – Supervolcanoes

Listening Sample 14 Job interview

Listening Sample 15 – Friendship

Listening Sample 16 – Copenhagen travel guide

Listening Sample 17 – Sleep deprivation

Listening Sample 18 – The benefits of yoga

Listening Sample 19 – Why cities need trees

Listening Sample 20 – New Orleans travel guide

Listening Sample 21 – History of corn

Listening Sample 22 – The dark history of treadmills

Listening Sample 23 – Brain parasites

Listening Sample 24 – Birthday parties

Listening Sample 25 – Worms & vermicomposting

Listening Sample 26 – Creating a study group

Listening Sample 27 – Meat production & veganism

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Listening Practice Samples – Short activities to improve your listening skills & help you learn topic vocabulary.

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