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Bridging the generation gap


Complete the summary below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

The demographic cohort born between 1980 and 1996, are known as 1 ........................ . Their offspring often feel that they fail to 2 ......................... them. The main reason for this is a difference of opinions between one generation and the other regarding beliefs and values, referred to as the 3 ......................... . Generation Z’s have grown up with     4 ……………………. technology and see modern electronic devices as a necessity rather than a 5 ……………………. . An important way for parents to support their adolescent kids in appropriate use of high-tech gadgets is to try to understand their values and 6……………………. . 

Answers & transcript

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  1   Generation Y / Gen Y

  2   understand

  3   generation gap

  4   digital

  5   luxury

  6   motivations


Bridging the generation gap

How can you understand your teen better? Meet Emily and Matthew. They are Generation Y parents or Millennials. Both are in their mid 30s, work as middle managers and worship Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Eminem. And meet Ava their Generation Z daughter. She is a middle school student whose icons are Jaden Smith, Zara Larsson and George Mateus. Overall, a typical present-day family with its honours and oddities.

But there's something hazy too. Like her peers, Ava feels that her parents just don't understand her well. They often feel the same way about their beloved girl. The root cause behind this is the generation gap, a contrast in attitudes between people of various age groups.

Here are the three major mindset differences between Gen Z kids and their Gen Y parents. Matthew bought himself a dumb phone when he was 18. Ava got her first Internet-enabled smartphone as a present when she just turned 11. Gen Z's are true digital natives. For them, gadgets are not a luxury but indispensable tools. Your mission as a parent is to set reasonable usage limits and meaningful purposes.

Emily dreamed of becoming a singer or a movie star when she was little. Ava is all about self-development, startups and earning a buck while having fun. Gen Z's are very money conscious and entrepreneurial. They are unlikely to chase unicorns but instead learn and work their way up step by step.

Matthew and Emily hang out on Facebook and use it to showcase the brightest sides of their lives to everyone. Ava's social media experience goes far beyond that. She shares her innermost feelings and thoughts, but she does that via anonymous platforms like Snapchat or Yukia. Although Gen Z's literally live in social media, they favour peer-to-peer social media and online anonymity. Teens actively seek so-called ‘pockets’ where they can be unfiltered and worry less about making mistakes.

Here we come to the essence. The described differences in attitudes are crucial when it comes to understanding and raising your Gen Z kid. Simply put, don't take kids gadgets away. They really need them. Don't “Because I said so!” on them. Try to explain and convince. Don't hold them back from following their ambitions. It's their inspiration. Respect to their privacy, including online. Everyone needs some space. And please don't bore them with long talks. Their attention span is 8 seconds. Lecture any longer and they're (snoring sound). After all, parents just want their kid to be well and live a happy life. Understanding your child by learning about their motivations and values is the eminent step towards this noble goal. So, go on and step up.

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