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How to make red lentil fritters


Complete the notes below.


How to make vegan red lentil fritters


             –  Cook the red lentils.

             –  Grate the 1 ………..……… .

             –  Chop the onion and garlic.

             –  Add chickpea flour

                      cayenne pepper


                      2 ....................

              –   Put in the lentils and some salt.

              –  3 .................... the mixture together.

Number of fritters mixture makes: 4 .................... .

Cooking time: 5 ....................  on each side. 

Answers & transcript

Scroll down for the answers and recording transcript.


   1  carrots

   2  coconut oil

   3  stir

   4  12

   5  5–10 minutes


How to make red lentil fritters

Today we're making red lentil fritters. And they're super simple, really nice plant protein and perfect for making, like, a big batch having on the weekend and then using for your lunch boxes and things like that. They're just really, really, really delicious and so we're going to get started. 

The first thing that I'm going to do is cook the red lentils and then once they're done just drain them and place them to one side. And you start by grating my carrots. I'm going to be a bit lazy today and skip the peeling step. Definitely peel them if you'd like to.

I’m going to chop up my red onion and my garlic. You want to chop them really nice and small though because they are going to be mixed throughout, so you don't want massive chunks of garlic or onion or anything. Add those to the bowl as well. Then we're going to add our gram flour, which is our chickpea flour, cayenne pepper, our paprika, a tablespoon of melted coconut oil, all of your red lentils and a really generous pinch or a couple of pinches of salt. And then, give it a really nice stir so it creates a kind of good sticky mix and then we're just going to leave that to one side to let that set. And then once that's set, I'm going to scoop out a large spoonful of the mixture and just use my hands to make them into patties, so we should make about 12 from this. And then heat a little bit more coconut oil in a big frying pan. Once that's hot, place a couple of fritters in the pan and cook them for like five to ten minutes or so on each side until they're golden on the outside and cooked all the way through.

Source: British Council

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