Reading IELTS - Practice Samples

Use these Reading samples for skills practice and learning vocabulary

To find a menu of all my Reading lessons, videos and general information about the IELTS Reading test, scroll to the bottom of the page or click this link: IELTS Reading Lessons 

On this page, you’ll find a list of short practice activities to help you prepare for the IELTS Reading test. Each includes a reading passage, questions and answers.

They are designed to give you focused practice on the specific reading skills you’ll need to achieve a high score and also, to learn topic vocabulary that might come up in your exam.

All the texts come from sources I recommend on my Resources page for your ongoing reading and listening practice.

Many activities will take just a few minutes, others a little longer but they will help to ensure that you are exposed to and use English every day, the number one way to improve your skills and attain a high band score in your test.

Fit these activities, and the similar Listening Practice Samples into your daily IELTS preparation schedule as a quick, easy way to get in that daily reading practice.

The topics covered are relevant for both Academic Reading IELTS and General Reading IELTS so the activities will help you with either test. Where a reading sample has been specifically created for General Reading students, I have marked it GT.

IELTS Reading Samples

Reading Sample 1 What matters most when speaking a new language

Reading Sample 2 – Fire evacuation plan (GT)

Reading Sample 3 – Climate change and loss of biodiversity

Reading Sample 4 – The wasp queen

Reading Sample 5 – Discovering our ancestors

Reading Sample 6 – Telecommunication - undersea cables

Reading Sample 7 – Biodiversity

Reading Sample 8 – Mining asteroids

Reading Sample 9 Dress Code Policy (GT)

Reading Sample 10 – How to fight desertification & drought

Reading Sample 11 Best buggies (GT)

Reading Sample 12 – Population pyramids

Reading Sample 13  Tiny houses

Reading Sample 14 Underwater Farms / Aquaculture

Reading Sample 15 – Vacancy for warehouse manager (GT)

Reading Sample 16 – Our relationship with food

Reading Sample 17 – The History of tattoos

Reading Sample 18 – Public vs private art collections

Reading Sample 19 – Making a travel insurance claim (GT)

Reading Sample 20 – Mental & physical wellbeing

Reading Sample 21 – Government & democracy

Reading Sample 22 – Becoming an astronaut

Reading Sample 23 – Flu symptoms & treatment (GT)  

Reading Sample 24 – Manuka honey

Reading Sample 25 – Writing a will (GT)    

Reading Sample 26 – Train technology   

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Need help answering the different types of Reading questions?

Check out these step-by-step strategies for answering the 12 types of questions for Reading IELTS . Each lesson includes examples and practice tests.

1)  Matching Headings                  7)  Summary Completion

2)  Multiple Choice                        8)  Matching Sentence Endings

3)  Short Answer                           9)  Sentence Completion

4)  Name Matching                       10)  Matching Paragraph Information

5)  True/False/Not Given              11) Table Completion

6)  Yes/No/Not Given                    12) Diagram Labelling

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