IELTS Reading Practice – Sample 2 (GT)

Fire evacuation plan

Answer these questions on the passage below.

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers.

Complete the sentences below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS and/or a NUMBER from the text for each answer.

1.  The person who first notices the fire should set off the …………………….

2.  Staff will be alerted to the fire by the sound of a …………………….

3.  The Fire Service can be contacted by calling …………………….

4.  As long as there is no risk, the evacuation lead will collect the record of ……………………. from reception.

5.  It is essential that staff do not use ……………………. during evacuation.

6.  No one must go back inside until the …………………….. tell them the building is safe.

7.  On leaving the building, staff must congregate at the designated ……………………. .

8.  If the inside staircases are unsafe for evacuation, staff will leave the building by the ……………….. .

9.  Fire extinguishers should only be used by ……………………. .


Reading passage:

Fire evacuation plan

Evacuation Lead

Mrs Gillespie (Managing Director) will take charge and lead in the fire evacuation. In her absence, Mr Cummings (Sales Manager) will take charge.


Raising the alarm

If you discover a fire, activate the nearest alarm.

If fire is detected by smoke detectors, the fire alarm will be triggered automatically.

The sound of the alarm is a continuously ringing bell.


Action to be taken on hearing the alarm

  • The following actions will be taken upon the fire alarm being sounded:
  • Dial 999 and request attendance by the Fire Service. Staff member gives their name, name of building, building address, contact number and details of the fire
  • Evacuation lead to pick up visitors signing in book from reception desk if safe to do so.
  • Staff will commence evacuation of the building in a calm and orderly manner and assist those needing additional help in evacuating
  • Staff will leave their personal possession where they are
  • The lift is not to be used for evacuation
  • Designated fire warden on each floor to sweep their floor to ensure all areas are clear if safe to do so and ensure all doors are closed on the way out
  • If safe to do, electrical mains and gas supplies should be switched off before leaving the building by the Health and Safety Supervisor or their deputy
  • Evacuation lead to ensure nobody re-enters the building until confirmed safe to do so by the Fire Service
  • Meet at assembly point and check all and staff members and visitors are accounted for
  • Evacuation lead to liaise with Fire Service upon their arrival
  • Staff will remain in the evacuation area until given the all clear to return to the building by the Fire Service

Escape Routes

The escape routes from the building are:

     1. Down the main staircase and back staircase

     2. Down the outside fire escape.


Fighting fires – Extinguisher use

Fire extinguishers will only be used where:

  • Staff have received training and feel confident in their use
  • Where it is deemed safe to do so i.e. there is a clear means of escape, fire is small

Personal safety always takes priority and, if in any doubt, staff should not attempt to extinguish a fire


Scroll down for the answers.


  1.  (nearest) alarm

  2.  continuously ringing bell

  3.  999

  4.  visitors

  5.  the lift

  6.  Fire Service

  7.  assembly point

  8.  outside fire escape

  9.  trained staff

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